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Cookware Set

Brand: Hascevher Model: HAS-7011
Set Contents:18Cm, 20Cm, 24Cm Pots & 24Cm Frypan Product Freatures:304 Quality 18/10 Cr.Ni. Stainless Steel body.Carefully polished steel lid compatible with the body.Sleek metal handles and knobs for visual integrity.Compatible with all types of stoves including induction...
BD 29.000 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Hascevher Model: HAS-5026 B
Set Contents:24cm Pot, 26cm Shallow Pot & 26cm Frypan. Product Features: Granite finish with non-stick interior coating.Durable body thickness.Easy to cleanHandy glass lid.Stylish design body...
BD 19.500 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Hascevher Model: Lotus
Set Contents:20Cm, 24Cm Pot, 26Cm Shallow Pot & 26Cm Frypan. Product Features:Handy Glass lid for visual integrity. Stylish Design Body. Made in Turkey...
BD 29.500 Incl. VAT
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Hascevher Mini 7Pcs Cookware Set
New -21%
Brand: Hascevher Model: 3STCKK0007013
Set Contents:12cm Pot, 12cm Steamer, 12cm Saucepan, 14cm FrypanFeatures:18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless SteelInduction capsule bottomHigh polished attractive exterior surfaceErgonomic, cool touch stainless steel handles and knobsCare Instruction:Clean the item with dish detergent and hot water before first us..
BD 12.990 Incl. VAT BD 16.500 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Hascevher Model: ESTALU07001/02
Set Contents:Pot 20x10cm, Pot 24x12cm, Shallow Pot 26x8cm, Frypan 26x6.5cmProduct Features:3,5 mm Body ThicknessStylish Design Granite Effect Aluminum Cover for Visual IntegrityRemovable Silicon's for a Ergonomic TouchBakelite frypan handleGranite Effect on the inside & out..
BD 32.500 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Korkmaz Model: A-1660
Set Contents:Casserole 16cm/1.8L, 20cm/3.5L, 24cm/5.5L, Shallow Casserole 24cm/3.5L, Frypan 24cm/2.7L. Product Features:Made from high quality 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel.Triplex heavy capsule base providing homogenous heat conduction.Extra thick stainless steel handle and knobs that are h..
BD 52.000 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Korkmaz Model: A-1900
Set Contents:Casserole 18cm/2L, 22cm/3.7L, 24cm/6.3L, Shallow Casserole 24cm/3.6L, Frypan 24cm/2.7L Product Features:·         18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel·         Super capsule sole providing homogeneous heat condu..
BD 44.500 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Korkmaz Model: A-1091
Set Contents:Milk Pan 14×14 cm / 2.0 Litre, Saucepan 16×8 cm / 1.6 LitreCasserole/Pot 18×10 cm / 2.5 Litre, 22×12 cm / 4.5 Litre, 24×14 cm / 6.3 Litre, 26×10 cm / 5.3 Litre, 28×17 cm / 10.0 LitreFrypan 24×6 cm / 2.7 LitreProduct Features:18/10 Cr Ni Stainless Steel.Ergonomic, cool touch, stainless s..
BD 72.000 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Korkmaz Model: A-1090
Set Contents:Casserole 18cm/2.5L, 22cm/4.5L, 24cm/6.3L, 28cm/10L, Shallow Casserole 26cm/5.3L, Frypan 24cm/2.7L Product Features:18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel.Triplex heavy bounded capsule bottom.High polished attractive exterior surface.Special attractive matt finished lines...
BD 59.000 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Korkmaz Model: A-2899
Set Contents:Pot 20x9.3cm / 2.7Ltrs, 24x6cm / 2.4LtrsFrypan 24x4.2cm / 1.5LtrsProduct Features:Volcanic looking PTFE coating with excellent non-stick properties on interior surfacesExtra resistance and strength against scratchingEnvironmentally friendly production technologyCooking without toxic gas..
BD 27.500 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Korkmaz Model: A-2900
Set Contents:Pot 20x9.3 cm / 2.7 ltPot 24x11.3 cm / 4.7 ltShallow Pot 26x6.2 cm / 3 ltFrypan 26x4.5 cm / 2 ltProduct Features:Volcanite looking PTFE coating with excellent non-stick property on internal surfacesExtra resistance and resistance to scratchingEnvironmentally friendly production technolo..
BD 36.500 Incl. VAT
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Brand: Korkmaz Model: A-2684
Set Contents:Frypan 24x4.7cm/1.8L, Saucepan 14x10cm/1.5L, Wok 28x8.3cm/3.7LCasserole 20x10.5cm/3L, 26x13cm/7L, 3Pcs Kitchen Tools Product Features:Fire proof non-stick heat resistance interior and exterior coatingExtra scratch resistance and durable Volkanit coatSpecial design and extra thick b..
BD 55.000 Incl. VAT
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