Pinnacle Omega 3Pcs Hotpot Set 1L+2L+3L

BD 9.990 Incl.VAT BD 21.000 Incl.VAT

  • Brand: Pinnacle
  • Product Code: OM-1085
  • Availability: In Stock

Product Features:


·  Equally effective on hot and cold food

·  Stainless steel lined bowls and foam insulation

·  FDA approved

Problem Solver

·  Maintains the temperature of stored food for up to 6 hours

·  Retain Aroma, Taste & Nutrition.


·  No heating of food on Stove & Microwave saves precious Energy & Time.

·  Repeative heating of food on stove & microwave losses essential nutrition from food.

Serve & Eat

·  Go from the counter-top to table-top with one attractive serving dish

·  Can also be used as ice packs to store ice cream ,custards, jelly and salads


·  Caters to families with staggered meal times.

·  Use at home, picnics, tailgating, potluck dinners, holidays, or take lunch to work.

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